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With SOLIDWORKS CAM, you will be able to enhance your manufacturing process by capturing company standards, speed up quoting, and test manufacturability of a design a lot earlier in the process. You can now tell if a part could be easily machined and determine exactly how long it would take to manufacture it. This will allow you to make decisions faster and with more confidence.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the things you can do with SOLIDWORKS CAM

    • Simplify collaboration

      Used to be that engineers designed and then manufacturing people eventually figured out how to manufacture it. With SOLIDWORKS CAM you get a single design and programming environment that bridges this disconnect and allows easier transition to CAM.

    • Make adjustments on the fly

      Tolerance-Based Machining allows for the best machining strategy. You can now tweak adjustments quickly as designs, materials, and tolerances change.

    • Streamline manufacturing

      With SOLIDWORKS CAM you can use concurrent development process that enables you to speed up manufacturing tasks and find problems earlier, making changes less costly.

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How other businesses are benefitting from SOLIDWORKS CAM today

“The tight integration with SOLIDWORKS makes my design-to-production life cycle easy and fast. I do some pretty complex 4-axis production projects and SOLIDWORKS CAM handles them very nicely.”

 – Terry Kramer, Kramer Design Corp.