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With SOLIDWORKS MBD you can share, archive, and reuse intelligent 3D data. You can collaborate better with all your stakeholders and your compliance with industry standards increases. Companies who have been using SOLIDWORKS MBD have enjoyed costs savings, reduced manufacturing errors, decrease in scrap and rework costs, and lower procurement costs for purchased parts.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the things you can do with SOLIDWORKS MBD:

    • Bypass 2D

      SOLIDWORKS MBD guides the manufacturing process directly in 3D, helping you streamline production, cut cycle time and reduce errors.

    • Share and reuse intelligent 3D data

      SOLIDWORKS MBD helps you share and archive intuitive 3D data so that you and your suppliers don’t have to waste time in re-modelling based on traditional 2D Drawings. With the 3D data, you can upgrade your legacy product configurations to new models much faster.

    • Collaborate with all stakeholders

      Need manufacturing annotations from the shop floor or outside vendors? With SOLIDWORKS MBD, it’s a done deal. Your collaborators can easily review and comment on your design in SOLIDWORKS, eDrawings, or 3D PDF format. The comments are saved in your 3D output for your review, approval, modification or archive.

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How other businesses are benefitting from SOLIDWORKS MBD today

“With SOLIDWORKS MBD, the 3D model itself holds all the dimensional data necessary to make the part. This means less documentation creation, fewer emails flying around, and fewer files to sustain when the project is complete.”

- Ryan Trulli, Mechanical Engineer, GE Oil & Gas